In February 2015, join the RAMS and Top Cross TCS MX crew for a training camp in Spain, to prepare for the next season. A three weeks total training camp, and you choose the interval when you want to come.

  • First week: 3 – 10 February 2015
  • Second week: 10 – 17 February 2015
  • Third week: 17 – 24 February 2015

We will be in charge of everything, you just hop on a plane with your casual clothes and come to Spain. We’ll pick you up from the airport, transport your motorcycle and equipment there and back, handle the accommodations, provide three healthy meals each day, pay the local track fees, service your motorcycle if needed.


We divided this year’s camp in 3 weeks. Riders that have trained with us in the past two years know the drill, but we’ll explain for the new comers. On Tuesdays we take the riders from the airport to the track and drop off the ones that are leaving. For those who stay 2 or 3 weeks, this day is for rest and they can do whatever they want.

Training days will be from Wednesday until Monday. There are 2 moto training sessions each day. The one in the morning will be technical, to perfect your technique on corners, braking, body positions,  jumps, etc. The second training will target speed improvement and endurance (stamina, strength). For the MX riders (or even enduro riders if they want) there is also bicycle training. This year, Marc Sandu, a Romanian cyclist and spinning coach will come along with and be in charge of the physical training.

We provide 3 meals per day, healthy meals, cooked by our own chef. The accommodations will be sorted out at a new place near the track (pictures below). Another fee that we’ll take care of will be the daily access fee on the multiple enduro and MX tracks at the compound.

The transport of the motorcycles to Spain and back will be done with our race truck, which will be sent one week before first day of training. You can send also the training gear, helmet, boots, pants, t-shirts, protections, neck-braces, gloves, etc. in order to avoid paying high luggage fees when you’ll fly to Spain.

You will be in charge only of the plane ticket for yourself and the start permission that you have to get from your motorcycle federation (this document is mandatory at the track where we are training, and they will NOT let you in without it!)

If there are any other questions or information that you need, please let us know. Sorina, our team manager will be in charge of making the reservations, and she needs to know in time the names of the riders interested in training with us in Spain.


Sorina Sandu

E-mail: sorina [@] topcrosstcs.ro

Phone: +4.0726.975.383

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A video of what happened in 2013:

rams mx camp spain 2013 from topcrosstcs on Vimeo.